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Google Chrome or Mozilla Firerfox both provide an option to copy download link specifically for cURL. This option will generate cURL with all required things such as User agent for downloading things from the side. To get that,

- Open the URL in either of the browser.
- Open Developer options using Ctrl+Shift+I.
- Go to Network tab.
- Now click on download. Saving file isn’t required. We only need the network activity while browser requests the file from the server.
- A new entry will appear which would look like “download.aspx?…”.
- Right click on that and `Copy → Copy as cURL`.
- Paste the copied content directly in the terminal and append ‘--output file.extension’ to save the content in file.extension since terminal isn’t capable of showing binary data.


curl …. some long text …. cCtHR3NuTy82bWFtN1JBRXNlV2ZmekZOdWp3cFRsNTdJdjE2c2syZmxQamhGWnMwdkFBeXZlNWx2UkxDTkJic2hycGNGazVSTnJGUnY1Y1d0WjF5SDJMWHBqTjRmcUNUUWJxVnZYb1JjRG1WbEtjK0VIVWx2clBDQWNyZldid1R3PT08L1NQPg==; cucg=1’ --compressed --output file.extension

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This is a project that aims to detect dog breed based on the photo of the dog. If the photo or image contains a human face (or alien face), then the application will return the breed of dog that most resembles this person.

There are 266 individual breeds of dog pictured on the website dogtime. If you are like me, you would be able to identify not more than 10–15 of the breeds.

The steps that were followed to work through the project were the following:

  • Import Datasets
  • Detect Humans
  • Detect Dogs
  • Create a CNN to classify Dog Breeds (from…


This is a project that aims to detect dog breed based on the photo of the dog.

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In this real-world setting, we will need to piece together a series of models to perform different tasks; for instance, the algorithm that detects humans in an image will be different from the CNN that infers dog breed. There are many points of possible failure, and no perfect algorithm exists. Our imperfect solution will nonetheless create a fun user experience!

So the journey begins…..

Steps to be followed for the

  • Find the right dataset
  • Import the dataset and preprocess it(if required)
  • Detect Humans
  • Detect Dogs
  • Create a CNN model…

The growth of supermarkets in most populated cities are increasing and market competitions are also high. This dataset is one of the historical sales of supermarket company which has recorded in 3 different branches for 3 months data. Predictive data analytics methods are easy to apply with this datasets.

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About Dataset

This is explaining about the attributes that the data of Supermarket sales contains;

Invoice id: Computer generated sales slip invoice identification number

Branch: Branch of supercenter (3 branches are available identified by A, B and C).

City: Location of supercenters

Customer type: Type of customers, recorded by Members for customers using…

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